Complete automatic lines and finished products

The design of these vehicle transport and handling systems is the outcome of a study of each characteristic component of the car or motorcycle, to guarantee perfect assembly of the various components and accessories in a simple, practical and above all safe way.

A.I.M.E. has designed and built a number of solutions: a robotic welding system with rotary jigs and automatic storage systems for making steel crates for transporting motorcycles; a completely automated line for packaging motorcycles in crates; an automated system for loading and unloading containers of vehicles; steel equipment for vehicle transport containers; software for optimising the management of the entire production process.

The flexibility of these system makes them adaptable to any requirement, and offers considerable benefits in production, including shorter delivery times, the ability to handle a larger number of orders, improved goods reception capacity, and reduced labour and operating costs.

A.I.M.E. offers completely personalised design solutions and the option of making the crates in-house, thus supplying the client directly with the finished product.

Steel crates for transporting motorcycles

Steel container solutions tailored in accordance with the bike’s specific technical characteristics, from handlebars to frame. The crate is assembled after parking the motorcycle on the base, in order to guarantee perfect adaptability of each component and secure fixing. To meet the demand for high-speed high-volume production runs, A.I.M.E. has designed an automated robotic welding line.

AIME SRL - Motorcycle transport crate

Car platform

This car transport platform consists of a semiautomatic trolley, and has been designed by A.I.M.E. specifically for positioning luxury and vintage cars for display on raised, tilted and fixed platforms. The trolley can be adjusted to handle cars of different models and sizes.

AIME SRL - Car lift platform