A.I.M.E. started out in 1981 as a small design studio in Modena, an economically highly active area known for its large number of mechanical engineering companies. The small company immediately found success with its clients, and soon expanded with its own production department. This led to the development of the first industrial automation solutions, both mechanical and electrical, and the company quickly grew from 2000 sq.m. to 11,000. It is in these premises that A.I.M.E. now makes its cutting edge automation systems, using the most advanced technologies in total compliance with quality and safety standards, still faithful to its roots and supported by a loyal network of highly qualified and specialised collaborators and vendors.

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A.I.M.E. projects always start out with a concept that helps the client to qualify and quantify their production processes, with the aim of simplifying the production process and making it more efficient, resulting in multi-functional solutions which are completely integrated with the existing plant, thus reducing their use of space and resources while boosting productivity. Our flexibility and the efficiency that comes with being a small company enables us to establish genuine partnerships with our clients, with whom we design customised solutions that fit perfectly into their processes. The new generation has taken our automations across the Atlantic and made them even more advanced, with daily innovations in the industry, thus boosting the value offered by our well-established, dynamic and continually evolving business.

Our technical know-how, creativity and innovation, and our dedication to finding the best solution for the client, enable us to create completely unique, customised solutions to their real world requirements. Our dedicated, client-focused design process enables A.I.M.E. to create customised solutions with a full spectrum view of the application. Our solutions combine greater production flexibility and speed (reduced cycle times and lower process and labour costs, combined with improved occupational health and safety) with enhanced quality, thus making the product intrinsically more functional and competitive.


Design, research and development

Our team of mechanical engineers and designers develop each automation as a custom solution embodying the latest production methods, materials, technological innovations and advanced concepts. Our technical design process, dynamic and flexible, enables us to customise every component and device to ensure completely personalised solutions, starting from new concepts – projects which, starting with a blank sheet, provide tailor made installations that solve the client’s real world problems.

Prototyping, assembly and installation

Ample space for organising and managing our work, advanced facilities and high technology equipment for making our projects and designs a fully functional reality. And every installation is equipped with the latest devices and developments, to ensure that our solutions are fully compliant with OHS regulations. We design parts and prototypes to ensure that our fully customised solutions can be assembled and installed to the client’s equipment without limitation.

Predictive maintenance

Our advanced monitoring technologies offer sophisticated functional and performance data management and analysis to ensure that the client can organise their production to best effect, so that A.I.M.E. can provide a qualified, prompt response to their spare parts and maintenance requirements. Thus optimises maintenance costs and minimises downtime and stoppages, updates safety systems to the most recent standards and improves occupational health and safety.