Custom automatic storage systems

A.I.M.E. Srl designs and makes fully customisable automatic warehouses for storing products in any industrial application. Made using the most advanced technologies, our solutions are customised to suit the client’s requirements, including the goods being stored, the handling systems (e.g. automated shuttles, stacker cranes, etc.), the degree of automation and its integration with existing processes. Our consultancy service examines all the technical aspects of the project to ensure that the solution is functional, efficient, and improves the client’s intralogistics. Vertical magazines, which store goods at varying heights, also optimise the use of space for storage while making the most of automated goods handling systems.

Automated warehouse for 20,000 hams

This automated warehouse is designed to store up to 20,000 hams. It is divided into two storage units, both housed in freezer cells, but at different temperatures. The racks are made of steel, the hams are handled by automated shuttles and conveyors, and the total installation takes up just 300 sq.m.

AIME SRL - Brick ham automated warehouse

Automated warehouse for 50,000 boilers

This automated warehouse is designed to store up to 20 different types of boiler, for a total of 50,000 units. The steel racks are served by automated shuttles and conveyors, and the total installation takes up just 900 sq.m. Overhead conveyors run at 6 m above ground level to save space, using stacking cranes to connect the warehouse with the existing production line.

AIME SRL - Automated warehouse with 50,000 boiler capacity (tray)
Racks in an automated warehouse for 50,000 boilers

Automated warehouse for 45,000 automotive methane gas cylinders

The automated cylinder warehouse is a machine that automatically stores the cylinders. The automatic vertical warehouse saves floor space and minimises the overall dimensions of the installation. Composed of a steel load-bearing structure, the system is divided into a number of tiers for storing and picking tested and untested cylinders. Operators reach the different warehouse floors using stairs located at the two main access points. The automated warehouse can be easily incorporated in a testing plant or employed in a standalone solution.

AIME SRL - Automated warehouse with 45,000 cylinder capacity