Custom automatic welding systems

A.I.M.E. Srl develops custom automatic welding solutions and designs complete systems for robotic welding in complex applications.

The benefits of automated welding

Automated welding solutions are composed of welding robots and rotary jigs. Designed to suit the material being welded as specified by the client, they completely automate the welding process and optimise the production cycle.

Welding robots are composed of mechanical arms controlled by software and equipped to implement extremely precise processes. This relieves the operator of the most repetitive and dangerous work, reducing the risks to which they are exposed and eliminating human error. It also reduces labour and process management costs.

Another advantage of automatic welding is that it can run for a long time without the need for human intervention, thus increasing productivity and shortening delivery times. What is more, the precision offered by robotic processing reduces imperfections, which are automatically corrected by the machine, and minimises reject rates.

Robotic welding solutions

A.I.M.E. Srl provides robotic welding solutions inside rotary jigs for assembling, joining and automatically welding metal frames.

The design phase starts with a study of the object to be welded, in order to create a welding line that is precisely tailored but simultaneously able to guarantee a high level of versatility in accordance with the characteristics of the object in question. This is a key strength of the resulting plant, because it makes it possible to automate processes also when handling non-standardized in products that are unlikely to be manufactured in series.

The welding is done inside robotic cells composed of robots served by pneumatic jigs and configurable in terms of space and throughput. These multi-robot systems make it possible to manage production by means of a multidirectional communication system between the production processes and the products, with remote checking of the number of frames already welded and to be welded, as well as of the raw materials in the warehouse, thus optimising production planning.

In the case of complex frames, ancillary devices can be developed for improved welding performance, including rotators, slides, positioners, conveyors and pneumatic jigs.

Our industrial welding automation solutions are rounded out by our automatic finished product and component storage solutions, customised to fit the requirements of the client’s production processes.

AIME SRL - AIME SRL - Automatic system with welding robots (jig)
AIME SRL - Automatic system with welding robots (robots in series)