MOG 231

A.I.M.E. has adopted the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree N. 231/2001 relating the administrative responsibility of companies and other entities.

The adoption of MOG 231 has on the one hand implemented a control system governing our business operations, while on the other it has enabled us to set and disseminate ethical principles for improving the standards of conduct of the company.

MOG 231, in this light, has the objective of (re-)configuring a structured, organic system of organisational, management and control procedures, with the aim of preventing the commission of crimes, as well as making the existing control system more effective.

In order to reduce the risk of criminal conduct to acceptable levels, the company has instituted preventive controls and mechanisms.

The system of controls pursuant to the guidelines laid out by Confindustria consists in the implementation of the code of ethics and the organisational system, both formal and clear, with the aim of assigning responsibilities and rolling out procedures, manuals and information, to govern the company’s activities, to separate tasks between those who manage activities at risk of criminal action, to assign authorities and signatory powers, in line with the organisational and management responsibilities, the dissemination of MOG 231, and training.

The company has a priority interest in ensuring that all its partners observe the principles and values set out in the Organisation, Management and Control Model.